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Bernie ShapiroEveryone Asks: "Who is Bernie?"

Bernie’s is named after my grandfather, Bernie Shapiro, who was described as one of the friendliest and most likeable men in the community. For sixty-seven years, he owned and operated Shapiro Oil Company and later Union Oil Company. Bernie's greatest joy was his family and friends. He had a natural love of people and his friends and admirers were from every walk of life.

Bernie was an active member of many civic organizations and, along with Union Oil, a quiet benefactor of many charities, including the Cedars Nursing Care Center, where he established the Shapiro Fund.

Bernie had a unique way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the world. He always made everyone feel welcome, and you'll always be welcome at Bernie's and Bernie's Foreside!

~ Adam Shapiro, Proprietor

Everyone Asks:
"Who is Esidore?"

Esidore and Bernie

Esidore Shapiro was the patriarch of a family that immigrated to Maine from Russia just after the turn of the last century. A man of integrity and tradition, Esidore believed in the value of hard work and family. Esidore's daughter was the grandmother of Chef Jay Harris, the innovator behind Esidore's @Night. 

The photo above is of Esidore on the left and his son Bernie on the right.

~ Chef Jay Harris

Whether you are here to eat at Bernie's during the day or Esidore's at night, you will encounter cuisine that is truly American in nature, rooted in family, with a true melting pot of flavors and world wide influences.

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